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September 15, 1991, increasing at the rate of 3% compounded annually with the last
guaranteed payments made August 15, 2021”. Presently Gary Wayne Thompson receives
over $9000.00 per month from Allstate Life Insurance Company under this aspect of his
settlement. The settlement money was provided to Gary Wayne Thompson under the
laws of our state in the furtherance of our society’s goals of helping prevent people with
such a misfortune from becoming a charge of the state.
The assets of Gary Wayne Thompson, even after hefty legal expenses, were
sizable and needed a skillful guardian, as the expenses involved in the care of a person
with the mental and physical condition of Gary Wayne Thompson are large, will
continue, and may become greater as he gets older.
Donna Cunningham Thompson, who at that time was the spouse of Gary Wayne
Thompson, was initially appointed to be his guardian. Donna Cunningham Thompson
resigned her guardianship of the property at the time she anticipated filing for divorce
from Gary Wayne Thompson.
After the termination of Donna Cunningham Thompson as guardian for Gary
Wayne Thompson, the Judge of the Probate Court of Coweta County appointed Mark
Andrew Gomez first as the guardian of his property, and, shortly thereafter, as guardian
of his person.
How Low Can a Person Go?
This Racketeering Lawyer/former Guardian, in violation of numerous standards
of ethics controlling the conduct of Georgia attorneys, in violation of his oath as guardian
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