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Annually, the Probate Court reviews a financial report of the guardian, and,
sometimes, upon special request, considers other matters relating to the guardianship.
This type of annual supervision by the Probate Court and occasional approval of other
petitions was inadequate to restrain a thief as deceptive as Mark Andrew Gomez, who
understands the workings of this particular Probate Court.
Instead of living up to the trust placed in him by the Probate Judge in appointing
him as guardian, and the obligations placed upon him by law, Mark Andrew Gomez used
his credentials, façade of trustworthiness and knowledge of the workings of the Probate
Court to deceive the Judge of the Probate Court.
Mark Andrew Gomez was successful in deceiving the Probate Court by
knowingly making false statements under oath in his reports and buttressing these false
swearings with oral, intentional misrepresentations. Mark Andrew Gomez also made
false statements buttressed with oral, intentional misrepresentations in his requests to the
Probate Court for discretionary approval of his actions.
Mark Andrew Gomez habitually used his slick tongue, persuasive mannerisms
and knowledge of the law to outwit and deceive the Judge of the Probate Court. Mark
Andrew Gomez also frequently made intentional misrepresentations and false swearings
to the Judge of the Probate Court.
Mark Andrew Gomez, by habitually violating the laws of this state, and
mismanaging the assets of Gary Wayne Thompson, betrayed the trust placed in him by
the Judge of the Probate Court of Coweta County. Mark Andrew Gomez frequently stole
from the assets of Gary Wayne Thompson.
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