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The obvious victim of the illegal conduct by the Racketeering Lawyer/former
Guardian and the Other Racketeering Defendants was Gary Wayne Thompson, a
mentally incapacitated person whose assets the Probate Court of Coweta County placed
in the hands of the Racketeering Lawyer/former Guardian.
Gary Wayne Thompson became incapacitated in the prime of his life as the
result of a small car/tractor-trailer accident.
Gary Wayne Thompson was incapacitated in an unfortunate wreck with a large
truck owned by Schneider Transport, Inc, which was insured by Allstate.
Before he was incapacitated, Gary Wayne Thompson was a hard-working,
diligent employee of Fed Ex. On the day of his unfortunate accident, March 28, 1989,
Gary Wayne Thompson was in route to his work. This accident left Gary Wayne
Thompson permanently disabled with severe brain injuries. As an indication of the extent
of his injuries, Gary Wayne Thompson’s medical expenses were over $400,000.00. Gary
Wayne Thompson still incurs medical expenses, but to a much smaller degree.
To compensate Gary Wayne Thompson, as much as money can compensate a
person for this type of injury, his guardian received a settlement, with the then current
value of $3,000,000.00. Legal and litigation expenses in excess of $950,000.00, together
with the payment of a large amount of medical expenses, further reduced the amount
received by Gary Wayne Thompson for his injuries. A large portion of the settlement
received by Gary Wayne Thompson was in the form of a structured settlement to be paid
in installments, which provide Gary Wayne Thompson payments from Allstate Life
Insurance Company for “$8000.00 per month for life, guaranteed for 30 years beginning
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