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and in violation of the most basic of laws regulating theft, transformed himself into the
despicable character who is now the lead RICO defendant in this litigation.
Stooping to the depths of stealing from a mentally incapacitated person was not
low enough for the Racketeering Lawyer/former guardian. He tested to the ultimate the
question of how low can a person go and remain a member of the State Bar of Georgia.
Mark Andrew Gomez not only chose to become a thief by taking assets of this mentally
incapacitated person, whom he was entrusted to protect, but he chose to go even lower by
involving other people, who were, for the most part, good citizens until their involvement
with Mark Andrew Gomez. This RICO Enterprise demonstrates just how low a person
can go without engaging in physical violence.
Allowing other persons to steal the assets of Gary Wayne Thompson with
various illegal employment schemes designed to skim money from the assets of Gary
Wayne Thompson was not a gratuitous act of the Racketeering Lawyer/former Guardian.
Each of the persons who engaged in this RICO conspiracy with Mark Andrew Gomez,
with his guidance and direction, concocted various illegal “businesses” and contractual
schemes to steal assets from Gary Wayne Thompson. Each of the Other Racketeering
Defendants, in order to skim money from the assets of Gary Wayne Thompson, were
required to pay a kickback in various forms to Mark Andrew Gomez.
The Other Racketeering Defendants paid the Racketeering Lawyer/former
Guardian a share of the proceeds of the thefts they were permitted and assisted in
committing, albeit that some of the payments were made with in-kind contributions in
various and unorthodox forms.
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