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incapacitated adult. Each of the other defendants’ trust was misplaced in the Racketeering
Lawyer/former Guardian, who they thought would protect them from detection.
The defendants, other than the Racketeering Lawyer/former guardian, whose
conduct gives rise to this action are Tina Barron, Leigh Ann Ware (formerly Leigh
Ann Robertson), James Bret Robertson, Jamie Robertson, Derwin Ware, Nathaniel
Russell, John Doe 1, John Doe 2, John Doe 3,
Jane Doe 1, John Doe 2 and Jane Doe
3. (or, collectively, “Other Racketeering Defendants”). There were participants in
the RICO Enterprise who are not now named defendants in this action. These other
participants are now thought to have played very minor roles and will be given an
opportunity to make voluntary restitution or restitution induced by other forums
before being joined in this action.
The Other Racketeering Defendants knowingly assisted the Racketeering
Lawyer/former Guardian in stealing money and were essential participants in the RICO
Enterprise. In addition to being active participants in the RICO Enterprise, each of the
Racketeering Defendants shared the fruits of this conspiracy instigated by the
Racketeering Lawyer/former Guardian.
The obsession of Mark Andrew Gomez and the Other Racketeering Defendants
with the operation of their RICO Enterprise prevented Gary Wayne Thompson from
receiving the services that Mark Andrew Gomez and the Other Racketeering Defendants
were contractually and legally obligated to perform for Gary Wayne Thompson. This
division of allegiance by Mark Andrew Gomez and the Other Racketeering Defendants
enhanced the damages to Gary Wayne Thompson.
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