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by Mark Andrew Gomez to himself to the extent that the District Attorney prepared a
criminal accusation against Mark Andrew Gomez.
Upon being notified of the possibility of a criminal indictment, Mark Andrew
Gomez entered into an agreement in connection with the criminal accusation of the
District Attorney. This agreement included a waiver of indictment, the voluntary
surrender of his license to practice law and the option of placing himself at the mercy of
this Court for a disposition of the criminal charges.
This Court accepted a plea by Mark
Andrew Gomez and placed him on probation, conditioned upon his payment of
$15,000.00 to Hartford.
At the conclusion of the criminal proceedings, in an attempt to resolve the
Probate Appeal and the Civil Action, the parties and their counsel engaged in
numerous conferences. After negotiations and discussions with Mark Andrew Gomez’
probate surety, on behalf of the Estate, Rhonda McClendon, as Guardian, offered and
Mark Andrew Gomez, Jamie Robertson, Bret Robertson, Leigh Ann Ware, Derwin
Ware, and Hartford Fire Insurance Company have accepted an offer to settle the claims
of the Estate for a total amount of $265,000.00, which is the penal sum of the bond—the
maximum sum recoverable.
The Estate offered to accept the other terms set forth in this consent judgment
and payments as follows in complete satisfaction of all of its claims:  (1) payments from
Mark Andrew Gomez in the total amount of $20,000.00 payable in installments without
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