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1, 2001 the total sum of $245,000.00, upon payment of which all of its liability and
obligations to this Estate of Gary Wayne Thompson or any persons interested therein
shall be discharged.
All of the Estate’s rights and claims against any person or entity that accrued
during the guardianship of Mark Andrew Gomez, which have not been appropriately
made a part of the Estate, including but not limited to the receipt of Estate funds during
the period of Mark Andrew Gomez’ guardianship are hereby transferred, assigned, and
conveyed to Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Any claims of the Estate, occurring
during the period of time that Mark Andrew Gomez was the guardian of Gary Wayne
Thompson, for previously due but uncollected obligations, settlement payments or
insurance payments due to Gary Wayne Thompson or his Estate are likewise
transferred, assigned, and conveyed to Hartford Fire Insurance Company. This
includes, but is not limited to, the $13,906.44 sum unaccounted from Kemper Insurance
Company and the $9,274.19 unaccounted from the annuity settlement. All amounts
collected by Hartford pursuant to this assignment in excess of the cost associated with
recovery and in excess of the $245,000 paid to the Estate by Hartford, will be paid to the
Estate by Hartford.
writs of fieri facias, garnishment or any other post judgment collection action shall issue
or be pursued in connection with this Judgment unless and until an affidavit is filed by
the Guardian of the Property of Gary Wayne Thompson indicating that the obligation of
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