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other professional experts to extensively investigate the actions and previously
approved probate returns of Mark Andrew Gomez. As the cost of the investigation and
representation of the Estate increased, Donna Thompson
Milliken advanced sums used
toward payment of counsel for the Estate.
Upon submission of the final return by Mark Andrew Gomez, Rhonda
McClendon, as Guardian, filed an objection/caveat to Mark Andrew Gomez’ return.  
The proceedings relating to the caveat were held before the Probate Court of Coweta
County, and the caveat and objection were denied, at which time an appeal was taken
to this Court as referenced above.
Donna Thompson Milliken, Scott Thompson, and others also made complaints
relating to the conduct of Mark Andrew Gomez, as guardian of Gary Wayne
to the District Attorney of Coweta County. A formal investigation by the
Coweta County District Attorney ensued.  The Coweta County District Attorney and
his staff accumulated a number of documents, records, sworn statements, and other
information in its investigation of the alleged criminal activity of
Mark Andrew Gomez
in the administration of the Estate of Gary Wayne Thompson.
During the course of the investigations by Rhonda McClendon, as Guardian, and
the Coweta County District Attorney, they alleged that some specific instances of
mismanagement, waste, breach of fiduciary duty and defalcations occurred. The
investigation produced evidence that the District Attorney felt substantiated the misuse
of property of the estate of the Gary Wayne Thompson and excessive payments for fees
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