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were approved by the Honorable Mary Cranford, as Judge of the Probate Court of
Coweta County.
Despite the Probate Court’s approval and acceptance of the requests and returns
of Mark Andrew Gomez, he faced constant criticism and complaints from family
members of Gary Wayne Thompson as well as Gary Wayne Thompson’s former spouse,
Donna Thompson. These individuals challenged the expenses incurred by the estate,
the method of Mark Andrew Gomez’ care and maintenance of Gary Wayne Thompson
and accused
Mark Andrew Gomez
and those associated with him of managing the
Estate for their personal benefit.
Gary Wayne Thompson’s adult son, Scott Thompson, filed a petition for the
removal of 
Mark Andrew Gomez as guardian with the Probate Court. Scott
Thompson’s petition and objections were denied, and he appealed to this Court in case
number 98-V-135. The appeal by Scott Thompson was rendered moot and abandoned
as a result of Mark Andrew Gomez’ subsequent petition to resign as guardian, an order
for which was entered on October 25, 1999, with no appeal or other objection by Scott
Thompson.  As a result of his resignation, Mark Andrew Gomez was required to file a
final return, and did so as required by the Court.
Rhonda McClendon was appointed as successor guardian of the property. Upon
her review of the records, a preliminary investigation and at the urging and insistence
of Donna Thompson, now also known as Donna Thompson Milliken, and others,
Rhonda McClendon, as Guardian,
incurred costs and expense to employ counsel and
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